OMAX and MAXIEM pre-owned abrasive waterjet machines sometimes become available for resale. If you would like to purchase our certified used factory rebuilt equipment, contact our sales staff at 1-800-838-0343. Factory Inspection Process

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Waterjet Sweden Machines UK WJS UK provide UK sales, service and support for Waterjet Sweden, Europe's leading manufacturer of precision 2D and 3D Waterjet Cutting Machines with over 30 years' experience in the waterjet cutting machine industry and a significant number of CNC waterjet machines installed throughout the UK.

Waterjet Cutting covering the bristol and southwest. There are significant benefits over Laser or Plasma Cutting. Avon Waterjet offer a high perfomance abrasive waterjet cutting service, for metal, steel, stone, ceramic and more, based in Bristol

Many industries use water jet machines for a range of cutting applications, and there are a variety of automated CNC and advanced 5 axis solutions.. What is a Water Jet Cutting Machine? A water jet cutter is a high pressure cutting tool that is used in a variety of industries for cutting …

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Waterjet UK is a team of highly skilled professionals at the forefront of water jet cutting technology - Water Jet cutting is the best alternative to laser cutting and conventional machining. We offer metal cutting, glass cutting, tile cutting, marble cutting, ceramic cutting, stone cutting and more.

Waterjet Cutters For Sale. A machine capable of slicing into metal or other materials using a jet of water at high velocity and pressure, or a mixture of water and an abrasive substance.

May 31, 2012· Please visit our site for more information or call (0845) 230 7040 . Thank You! Flow 4m x 3m bed.

High quality CNC Water Jet Cutting Machines from CMS Technocut with optional machine configurations.

Aquajet has been the UK distributor of OMAX Waterjet Machining and MAXIEM JetCutting Centres for the past 20 years. Established in 1993 to harness state-of-the-art technologies to make high-pressure abrasivejet machining practical, affordable, and easy to use – OMAX has become the world leader in abrasive waterjet systems, designing and ...

· The First Desktop Waterjet Cutter. WAZER is the first waterjet cutter that can fit in every workshop. It cuts through any material and is compact and …

Waterjet CUTTING MACHINES FOR SALE. Ref Manufacturer Model Year Pump Capacity Image; LR100306 PTV: ... Flow Waterjet Cutting Machine: IFB 3018: 1999 Refurb 2012: 50HP 60000 psi : LR100252 Bystronic: ... SPECIALISTS IN REFURBISHED LASER & WATERJET CUTTING MACHINES.

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We believe the GLOBALJET range of water jet cutting machines is the lowest priced, quality system available in the market today, professionally backed up by our own team of service engineers and a huge inventory of spare parts.

Water jet cutting can be classified as a mechanical method. The energy generated by the movement of the water at a speed three times higher than the speed of sound is utilised both for pure water cutting and for abrasive cutting and is then applied to the part being cut in order to produce micro-erosion.

The very fine cutting stream (approximately 1mm or 0.040″) from the water jet machine enables cutting of almost any shape, no matter how fine or intricate, with almost no load from the cutting process being applied to the glass, then as long as you can handle it, Waterjet can cut it.

A waterjet cutting machine is an industrial machine used for cutting a wide variety of materials by using a very high-pressure jet of water. Overall, the working of the machine consists of a projection of water at a very high speed (about 800 meters/second).

Waterjet is the leading water jet cutting subcontractor in southern England servicing Devon, Cornwall, Bristol and Wales. For a quote call 01752 696 100. Waterjet cutting Plymouth, Exeter, Devon, Cornwall, South England and Wales.

Waterjet Cutters For Sale. A machine capable of slicing into metal or other materials using a jet of water at high velocity and pressure, or a mixture of water and an abrasive substance.

Our Mach 500 is the industry's most robust waterjet solution, unmatched in technology and design. Mach 700 The ideal combination of size, speed, and accuracy, the Mach 700 is a heavy-duty waterjet designed for demanding environments.

cutting, fast. It's important for software to be fast and easy. Simply load in your design and let WAZER's software quickly guide you through setting up your cut.

With over 25 years of experience, AXYZ International conveniently provides WARDJet waterjet sales and support to the UK Headquartered in Burlington, Canada, AXYZ International recently announced the acquisition of WARDJet.

All Techserv machines feature a PC-based CNC controller, designed in-house specifically for profile cutting machine applications, which is easy to use, teach and maintain. The Techserv CNC is a PC-based 2.5D shape cutting controller, suitable for gas, plasma, water jet and other applications.

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Thick materials that are unsuitable for laser cutting can be cut with a waterjet machine. This type of machine is typically used for cutting through metals, stone, marble, armoured glass, ceramics, plastics, wood and materials consisting of more than one layer.

Water Jet,Waterjet Cutting,CNC cutting table, high pressure systemTeenking waterjet are widely used in steel cutting,metal cutting,marble cutting,stone cutting,glass cutting. Teenking water jet are recongnized as the most cost-effective waterjet in the world.