Features Series 25314 300# Flanged Cast Steel Check Valve Temperature °F Working Pressure psi-20 to 100 740 200 675 300 655 400 635 500 600 600 550 650 535

Ball Check Valves Storm Water and Wastewater Applications Threaded Model 208, 208B, 208T Flanged Model 408, 4082 Threaded/Flanged Model 508 Model 408, 4082& 408FB Size Range: 3"- 14"

FLANGED END CONNECTION. A flanged connection is made by using two flanges and an appropriate number of stud bolts and nuts.Flanged connections very common types of joints used for high-pressure pipelines and are also a cheap solution to connect pipes to valves.

Check Valves. Check valves are self-contained, automatic valves, which are used to prevent the reversal of flow in a line. When open and under flow pressure, the checking mechanism will move freely in the media, offering very little resistance and minimal pressure drop.

Double flanged type - PF, PG dual plate check valve; Hub end type - PH dual plate check valve; Butt weld end type - PZ dual plate check valve; ... Flanged swing check valves Overview. Category: Gate, globe, and check valves Product line: Cast stainless steel corrosion resistant valves. Size range(s)

Decent article but I'm not so sure you have the details of the "disc" check valve operation correctly. If by a "disc" check valve you mean an axial flow check valve or silent check valve, the spring behind the disc compresses when fluid pressure hits the disc thus causing the valve to open.

• Swing Type • Integral Seat Applicable Standards ... 150# Flanged Stainless Steel Check Valve Series 25116 1/2" - 14" Dimensions, Parts & Materials ... 300# Flanged Cast Steel Check Valve Series 25314 10/14. SA 800--00 Fa 2-80-44 Los Angeles, A

Alibaba.com offers 1,303 flange type check valve products. About 81% of these are valves, 8% are pipe fittings. A wide variety of flange type check valve options …

Long Type Flanged Tubular Check Valve. Cast steel Check Valve. chinagangye 2018-09-16T04:10:40+00:00. High Performance Double eccentric Butterfly valve. Gallery High Performance Double eccentric Butterfly valve Hard Seal Butterfly Valve. High Performance Double eccentric Butterfly valve.

Flange Insert valves are designed to fit between two mating ANSI flanges. The "Spring Housing", designated by the "A" dimension q, is designed to be inserted into the upstream pipe, thereby helping to center it in the pipe.

Standard Class Valves, Flanged and Butt Weld End. Pressure-Temperature Ratings ... Valve type Nominal page size 15 1/2 B A 20 3/4 25 1 32 1/4 40 2 50 2 65 80 3 100 4 125 5 150 6 200 8 250 10 300 12 350 14 400 16 450 18 500 20 600 24. ... Standard Product Range of KITZ Stainless and High Alloy Steel Valves (Series B, ...

Swing check valves may be installed in horizontal or vertical lines, but must be installed in proper relation to the media flow as indicated by the flow direction arrow marked on the body. Ladish Valves swing check product line are manufactured as full port, threaded, socket-weld, flanged or weld end body types.

Flanged-End Swing Check Valves Allow flow in only 1 direction to prevent backflow; Mount horizontally, except cast-iron models mount vertically or horizontally. Note: Not for use for reciprocating air compressor service.

Valves, Flanges, Gaskets and Bolts. STUDY. PLAY. Check valve. ... are valves that open by lifting a gate out of the route of the fluid. Designed to be fully open or closed; they are regularly used as a block valve for isolating pipe systems. Weld neck flange. distinguished from other flange types by their long tapered hub. Used in high pressure ...

KF Valves Check Valves. 2 High Performance By Design KF Valves has continuously provided the industry with technically superior ... Specification steel valves. B 16.5 Flanges & flanged fittings. API-American Petroleum Institute Spec. 6D Specification for pipeline valves. Spec. 6FD Specification for …

Type B: Full Jacket, Jacket-Size Flanges.. The valve body is lengthened, and the flanges are replaced with oversize flanges. The jacket covers the body of the valve and extends flange to flange, terminating at the back of the oversize flange.

Titan Flow Control offers the following types of check valves to meet your specific needs: ... TiTAN check valves ... API 6D Pipeline Valves ASME B16.1 Cast Iron Pipe Flanges & Flanged Fittings ASME B16.5 Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings

Mark Four Tek-Check Valves ... Plug Type End Connections, Flanges and Bolting Flange Faces Raised face flanges are standard on both separable and integral flanges (except for Class 125 flat faced cast iron). The flange face is machined with circular serrations for better sealing (125

CRANE® Cast Steel Swing Check Valves; CRANE® Cast Steel Swing Check Valves. Print . Dimensions and Weights . CRANE Cast Steel Swing Check Valves; Class 150 Figure 147, Flanged; Figure 147½, Butt Weld: Class 300 Figure 159, Flanged; Figure 159½, Butt Weld: Class 600 Figure 175, Flanged; Figure 175½, Butt Weld:

Jul 20, 2018· Depending upon the types of applications the valves are being used for, you can choose the right type of end connections. The common types of valve end connections are as follows: Flanged Valve End Connections – These are one of the easiest connections to be installed or …

Check Valve - Cast Iron, Swing, Flanged, F-918-B The NIBCO® cast iron horizontal swing check valve is designed with renewable seat and disc. The swing check valve prevents backflow by automatically closing when fluid reverses direction.

A check valve, clack valve, non-return valve, reflux valve, retention valve or one-way valve is a valve that normally allows fluid (liquid or gas) to flow through it in only one direction.. Check valves are two-port valves, meaning they have two openings in the body, one for fluid to enter and the other for fluid to leave. There are various types of check valves used in a wide variety of ...

This type of flange is available in large size also to connect big bore piping with storage tank nozzles. Normally, these flanges are of forged construction and are provided with the hub. Sometimes, these flanges are fabricated from plates and are not provided with the hub.

The Keckley retainerless wafer double flange body double disc check valve features a single cast body without pin retainer holes in the body. This design minimizes prospective leak paths through the valve body making it a preferable option for highly toxic, corrosive, or hazardous gas chemical processing applications.

This HAYWARD check valve operates without the need for any adjustments or settings, and features an innovative square-cut elastomer seat to seal at low back pressures. The true union design eases valve removal from piping systems without having to break down the pipe connections.

Check Type- Bolted Bonnet- 1500 lb. valves.. 53 Check Type- Bolted Bonnet- 2500 lb. valves.. 54. OVERVIEW 42 8. STEM. The stem is forged steel and part of the valve trim. It contains ... flange to be unevenly tightened while the gland maintains its parallel alignment with the stem and stuffing box. 10. GLAND BOLTS AND NUTS.

These flange bodies include the INSERTA ® ICT Thread-In Type Check Valves, with the option to include an INSERTA ® IGT Guided Disc, Thread-In Type Check Valve on select sizes. The free flow direction is always from the surface with the seal to the surface without the seal.

vcyy-p/h pvc/cpvc y type check valves The VCYY-P/H Y PVC Gray, PVC Clear & CPVC Y-Check Valves are an angle type valve that automatically stops reverse flow by the dead weight of the disc plug. Y-checks are less affected by turbulent flow and typically have lower shutoff characteristics than ball checks, and also have improved flow characteristics.